Metro Systems Corporation Public Co., Ltd. was founded on: 6 January 1 9 8 6 with 4-million-baht of registered capital. The Company operated its core business as the first distributor of IBM products in Southeast Asia from IBM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. After that, the Company expanded its business by distributing IT solutions and providing services from other leading IT companies, such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, and SolidWorks etc., so that the services provided would be comprehensive and meet the needs of customers.

In 1995, the Company resolved to increase its registered capital to 180 million baht and restructured its business by registering to be a public company limited with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The first common stock was traded on 9 May 1 9 9 6 . Throughout the Company’s operation period, the Company has changed its registered capital to recognize the size of its business. Today the Company’s registered capital is 360 million baht (paid-up capital). There are currently three product categories in the Company, namely Digital Solutions Group (DSG), Solutions Integration Group (SIG) and Digital Printing Group (DPG)

The Company’ s Management is conducted via its subsidiaries and jointed companies, totaling 6 companies to cover the whole of the technology trade and industries.