The Company conducts the business operation in the information technology industry for over three decades. As expected by the Company, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility, Internet of Things continuously play an important role in this year. The Company strongly believes in the expertise and potential of our personnel to support the customers to get through and overcome the modern era that has rapidly changed technology without business interruption. Based on the number of our current customers, this figure shows the confidence of our existing customers and a continued increase of new customers due to the Company has the commitment that the customer’s success is our business and according to the strategy of the organization to adjust the business model in accordance with technology trends in order to respond to the consumers’ behavior to create the competitive advantage within the technology market.

In addition to the business success, the Company considers the sustainability development of the environmental, social and governance issues important. The Company, therefore, runs various corporate social responsibility projects under the great cooperation and participation of the directors, executives and employees by aiming to be a sustainable company in the digital economy. Moreover, the Company also places an emphasis on the innovation that will help to create business and social value for the organization in the long-term period. In 2019, the Company has been certified for information technology security management system (ISO27001:2013), in which the customers can be confident that the Company has a completed and qualified management system.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank all stakeholders for supporting the business operations of the Company. Please be assure that the Company commits to step forward with stability and strength within the information technology industry. I can confirm that the Company will remain dedicated to fully conduct business with transparency, adhering to the Code of Conduct and recognizing by all stakeholders, as well as conducting business together with social and environmental responsibility to create the sustainable success of the Company in the future.

Sunpitt Sethpornpong