In 2018, the technology industry still plays a major role in the government’s policy of Thailand 4.0. As a result, the investment in technology in both public and private sectors is expanding which creates a great challenge to the Company’s business. From the situation in which there is a rapid transformation of technology (Digital Transformation) and various interruptions (Disruption) that customers cannot cope with, the Company has established a strategy to support such changes continuously by preparing personnel with knowledge, ability and expertise to help, give advice to customers and to support the customers’ business operations without interruption in the era of continuous technology, driving forward and striving to be consistent with the organization’s commitment to “Customer success is our business” which is evident from the trust in doing business that shows the Company can maintain the old customer base and can still increase the number of new customers going forward.

Based on the financial data, the Company has increased revenue from selling products and services every year. In addition to the financial performance, the Company pays attention to business operations that contribute to social responsibility by encouraging directors, executives, employees and employees to realize the importance of the corporate social responsibility policy that the Company has in place, especially with regard to the creation of innovations. The Company has also organized a project for employees to jointly allow creative ideas that extend the business of the Company to be more innovative within the next 3 years to add value to the organization both from a business and social standpoint.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank all stakeholders for supporting the business and trusting and always believing in doing business with the Company, including all executives and staff members who have joined forces with the utmost unity to perform duties for the Company, sacrificing their time and performing with honesty and success until now. I can confirm that the Company will remain committed, and dedicated to fully perform its duties and conduct business with transparency, adhering to the Code of Conduct recognized by all stakeholders, as well as conducting business together with social responsibility to create the sustainability of the Company in the future.

Sunpitt Sethpornpong